In-Concrete Preparations

In-concrete heating is laid at a very early stage of your building process. The installation of at least 25mm polystyrene insulation and reinforcing mesh will need to be installed before the commencement of the element laying. Heatwell will need to be in contact with the builder to make sure the concrete pourer's and element laying are scheduled in appropriately. The builder will need to ensure all permanent fixtures and plumbing fittings are marked out before the laying of in-concrete heating. See the instructions on our specific In concrete preparation page for more details.

Work required to be done by other trades for In-Concrete Heating:

We require the following work to be carried out by other trades to ensure the heating is installed and operates correctly.

Builders Work


The installation of polystyrene insulation and steel reinforcing mesh (which our element will need to be tied to) before the commencement of work.

Day of installation:

The builder will need to meet us on site to mark out with spray paint all the wall positions, cabinetry etc. so we can lay our heating elements in the correct position to avoid damage.

Electrical Work

This is taken to include but not limited to:

Running all the circuit wiring for each heating zone. Please note that any loads over 1000 watts will need a relay and a control circuit back to the switch board. The electrician will have to connect the power to the thermostat(s) once they have been fitted by Heatwell Ltd.

Supply and fitting the RCD circuit breakers to the switchboard. This is a condition of your guarantee.

All flush boxes for thermostats should be mounted vertically so an automatic thermostat can be fitted.

All Trades

Care is to be take when pouring the concrete to make sure the heating element doesn't float up due to tripping on elements etc. No one is to walk on the heating elements except our heating installer and concrete pourer's (only if necessary).