Thermostat Options

We offer many popular types of thermostats to suit all heating needs. We are not limited to just these four types and we will supply any other popular models if required.

Automatic Thermostat - Siemens RDE100

Automatic Thermostat
  • Room temperature control
  • 2-position control with On/Off output for heating
  • Comfort, Economy, Auto timer and Protection mode
  • Auto time switch
  • Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
  • Mains-powered AC 230 V (RDE100) or battery-powered DC 3 V (RDE100.1)
  • Multifunction input for external floor sensor, keycard contact, etc
Watch the RDE100 Instruction Video

Touch Screen Thermostat

Touch Thermostat

This is an automatic thermostat which has the ability to program each individual day of the week seperately or program 7 days all at once. The blue screen shuts down 30 seconds after the last touch.

This unit can switch 16 amps and is floor or air sensing.

Watch the TR8100V Instruction Video

Manual Thermostat - Siemens RAA31

Manual Thermostat
  • User Friendly
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stylish design
  • Air sensing

Our basic unit is an Air Sensing manual thermostat. Setting the desired temperature on the control dial operates this thermostat. This thermostat will run continuously until turned off. Manual thermostats can be used with any of our heating systems.

View RAA31 Datasheet

Automatic Thermostat - Siemens RDE20.1

Automatic Thermostat

DISCONTINUED LINE: We still service this thermostat but have NO parts available. The replacement is the RDE100.1.

This type of thermostat is the best way to control your heating. They are fully programmable to meet individual user requirements to optimize the comfort level, with set and forget control. The automatic thermostat is a 7 day programmable control with multiple on and off settings. This thermostat utilises a floor sensing probe to monitor the under floor heating temperature. If required the automatic thermostat can be used as an air sensing only thermostat.

Watch the RDE20 Instruction Video