Under Carpet Heating

carpet heating example

Under carpet heating is an efficient solution for heating the whole room. It is great for asthma and allergy sufferers reducing mildew and condensation, creating an unobtrusive gentle heat without stuffiness. Quick and easy to install Under carpet heating can be installed in new or existing homes.

Heatwell Under carpet heating is installed at 75 watts per m² and laid directly to the existing floor surface. We cover the under carpet heating element with a fibreglass mesh and self-levelling screed leaving a flat surface for your underlay and carpet to be applied directly onto.

carpet heating example

Heatwell Under carpet heating allows you the flexibility to lay around furniture and fixtures. Excellent for bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges etc. or large areas like libraries and churches where the ceilings are high or to fit special and unusual room shapes and layouts. Under carpet heating is embedded in a self-levelling cement based screed which is providing a finish with strength and durability. We prefer this method over other forms of under carpet heating as it is suitable for direct stick carpets, high foot traffic and heavy furniture.

We also install the foil mat elements that fit between the underlay and the carpet so if this is your preference we can do it for you.