Under Tile Heating

under tile example

Under tile heating is a very popular, safe and effective heating solution for your home or development. The Under tile heating element is laid directly under the tiles and covered with a self-levelling screed and fibreglass mesh layer which leaves a flat surface to start tiling on.

Heatwell will supply and install all the components for the under tile heating element through to the final connection of the thermostat after the tiles are laid. Our under tile heating provides an even spread of heat throughout the tiled floor with no cold spots. Installing 150 watts per m² creates a quick heating reaction time. The only part of the Under tile heating you will see is the thermostat (and even that can be hidden away in a cupboard if an automatic type is used).

Bathroom Tile Heating

Heatwell has 18 different sizes of Under tile heating cables available ranging from 150 watts to 3000 watts to fit any room size. Our cable comes as a loose wire that has the flexibility to be laid around the toilet bowl, door stop or anywhere you may put your feet. The cable is multi-stranded which provides more strength, durability and flexibility.

under tile example